Professional Summary

  • Mar 2022 Mar 2018

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Zimbra Technology India Private Limited, Pune

  • Jan 2016 Dec 2017

    Visiting Engineer

    National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

  • Oct 2012 Dec 2015

    Development Engineer

    DNA Data Storage Pvt. Ltd., Pune

  • Aug 2010 Aug 2012

    Visiting Engineer

    National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

Education & Training

  • Masters 2008-2010

    Masters in Information Technology

    Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

  • Internship2009

    Project Student

    National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

  • B.Tech2007

    B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jhansi

Currrent Position

  • Mar 2022 Mar 2018

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Zimbra Technology India Private Limited, Pune

  • Present Aug 2012


    Debian Community

    Free Software Community of India

Working History

  • Dec 2017 Jan 2016

    Visiting Engineer

    National Centre for Radio Astrophysics – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

  • Dec 2015 Oct 2012

    Development Engineer

    DNA Data Storage Pvt. Ltd., Pune (storageDNA, Inc.)

  • Aug 2012 Aug 2010

    Visiting Engineer

    National Centre for Radio Astrophysics – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

  • Jun 2008 Jun 2007

    Quality Engineer

    E-Durables, Dehradun (LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. OEM)

Software Development Skills




Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora


Core Java, JEE, JDBC, JSP, Servlets

Podman, Docker

Kubernetes, Docker Swarm


Openshift, GCP, Quay

Open Source Libraries Used:

  • Apache Lucene
  • Apache Tika
  • OpenLDAP
  • OpenCV
  • Unoconv
  • Tessarect
  • ExifTool
  • Aubio
  • vmtouch
  • videodumper
  • libPod
  • MXFLib
  • ImageMagick
  • uvccapture
  • Development Skills

        Languages: Java (Core Java, JEE, JDBC, JSP, Servlets), Python, Scheme, GoLang
        Frameworks: Spring, SpringBoot, Struts2, Hibernate (JPA), Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce)
        Scripting: Shell Scripting (Bash), JavaScript, JQuery
        Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, BDB/MDB
        Tools and Libraries: Apache Lucene, Apache Tika, ZooKeeper, OWASP, OpenLDAP, OpenCV
        Container Technologies: Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Quay, OpenShift, GCP


    Technical Proficiencies

    Cloud and Container Technologies

  • Proficient in Docker and Podman containerization.
  • Worked on multistage Dockerfile building for optimized image size and reduced dependencies.
  • Collaborated effectively, providing documentation for Docker, Kubernetes, and Podman configurations.

  • OCI Containers/Kubernetes in Microservices Architecture:
      - Contributed to the development of Microservices architecture ensuring system modularity and flexibility.
      - Deployed and maintained Microservices in development environments.
      - Experience in orchestrating Java/SpringBoot applications on Kubernetes.
      - Utilized Minikube for local Kubernetes deployment in development environments.
      - Deployed, scaled, and managed Java application containers in a Microservices architecture using Kubernetes.
      - Implemented and maintained Highly Available (HA) systems, employing redundancy and failover strategies.
      - Experience in troubleshooting and debugging Java applications within containerized environments.
      - Implemented security best practices in Docker and Kubernetes, ensuring a robust and secure infrastructure.
      - Worked on monitoring and logging solutions for comprehensive visibility into Java application performance.
  • OpenShift:
      - Configuring and Building OpenShift cluster from scratch.
      - Deploying applications on OpenShift using its S2I feature.
      - Deploying, maintaining, configuring services on OpenShift.
      - Building Images from Dockerfile and Containers and pushing/pulling them to/from registries like
      - Working with OpenShift’s oc command-line tool.
  • GCP/OCI:
      - Creating Compute Engine VM Instances on Google Cloud Platform.
      - Creating GCP Bucket and configuring with Compute Engine on Google Cloud Platform.
      - Creating Images, Disks and, Snapshots on Google Cloud Platform.
      - Familiarity with Google Cloud CLI gcloud and Cloud Shell.
      - Basic familiarity with Oracle Cloud.

  • Big Data Technologies

  • Installing, Configuring and Building Hadoop cluster and HDFS from scratch.
  • Healthcheck montitoring on Hadoop Cluster.
  • Ingesting data from various sources using Sqoop and Flume for seamless integration into the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Developing and executing MapReduce jobs in distributed computing for efficient data processing.
  • Performed ETL operations with Pig and Hive, enhancing data workflows for efficient transformation and analysis.

  • Web Application Projects Configuration

  • Configured web servers, including Apache, Tomcat, Glassfish, and Zope, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Expertise in version control systems (Git, Subversion), seamlessly integrated with Trac and Apache.
  • Led building and management of web applications using CMS (Plone/Zope, Moodle, Wiki) with LDAP integration for enhanced security.

  • Linux/Unix System Configuration

    • Linux Kernel recompilation and it’s re-configuration.
    • Automating repeated processes using Shell Scripts and Python.
    • Installation and configuration of:
        - Linux OS like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora and Mac with multi-boot.
        - Software applications through package manager, repository or source for Linux/Mac.
        - Libraries from source.
        - Device drivers for all external and internal devices.
    • Configuring and implementing:
        - Cron jobs for taking automated backups of the system.
        - Mail server using Postfix.
        - Network file system protocols.
        - Disk Management and partitioning.
    • Worked with admin tools like Webmin, top, nmap, vmstat, netstat, ps, ping, parted.
    • Managing groups and user accounts assigned permissions to users using LDAP.
    • Hands on expertise in building OpenShift applications.

    Professional Projects

    • image

      Sr. Software Developer

      March 2018 - March 2022

      Zimbra Technology India Private Limited, Pune

      Contributed to the design, development, and enhancement of the core capabilities of Zimbra, including the creation of a highly available (HA) system from legacy Zimbra. Leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, and other cutting-edge technologies, I created microservices for the HA system and played a crucial role in its ongoing maintenance.

      Technologies Used

      During my tenure at Zimbra, I leveraged a range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional results. Operating systems such as Ubuntu and CentOS provided a solid foundation, while my programming expertise in Java, JEE, Multithreading, SpringBoot, Hibernate, Python, Shell Scripting, SOAP and RESTful Webservices delivered reliable, high-performance code. I also drew on database technologies like MariaDB, Galera Cluster, and ProxySQL, and utilized container technologies such as Docker, Podman, Kubernetes and Minikube and webservers like Jetty and Nginx to streamline project workflows. By incorporating tools such as LDAP, Lucene, ZooKeeper, OWASP, SPF, and Apache Tika, Postman, SoapUI I ensured optimal security and efficiency throughout all my projects.


      • Contributed to the design and developement of micro-services for the new Highly Available (HA) system ZimbraCloud, improving the Infrastructure Team's efficiency.
      • Proficiently created docker images for various services such as Mailbox, MLS, ZooKeeper, ProxySQL, Solr, providing seamless integration across ZimbraCloud.
      • Designed and developed the Affinity for Mailbox Pods in ZimbraCloud, ensuring better performance and reliability.
      • Implemented health-checks for critical services, including Mailbox, LDAP, ProxySQL, MTA, Galera, Solr, and ZooKeeper, ensuring seamless operations of ZimbraCloud.
      • Enhanced ZimbraCloud’s performance by developing Microservices for Scheduler and Mailbox lookup Service (MLS).
      • Successfully built a pipeline for automating the image creation and deployment of the ZimbraCloud, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
      • Contributed to Zimbra Legacy as part of the API Team, actively designing, developing, debugging, and enhancing its capabilities.
      • Developed new REST and SOAP webservices and modified existing operations as needed.
      • Successfully implemented metadata searching using Lucene and Apache Tika library for full content Lucene Search, improving search accuracy and efficiency.
      • Contributed to migrating search from Lucene to Solr Microservice for ZimbraCloud Highly Available System.
      • Proficiently implemented the OWASP library in Zimbra, ensuring the system's security and reliability.
      • Successfully integrated Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender Re-writing Scheme (SRS) into Zimbra, significantly enhancing email deliverability and reducing spam.
      • Utilized Git and GitHub for version control, managing code check-ins, checkouts, repository synchronization.
      • Proficiently utilized JIRA for defect tracking and maintaining up-to-date JIRA tickets to document ongoing work progress. Adhered to Agile principles, including daily Scrum and a Sprint of fourteen days, to streamline the development process.
      • Participated in code review and peer review meetings for the design docs.

    • image

      Visiting Engineer

      January 2016 - December 2017

      National Centre for Radio Astrophysics – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

      I have had the privilege of designing and developing web-based software solutions that drive continuous improvement to processes, systems, and workflows at NCRA-TIFR. I am proud to have accomplished this using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and to have provided exceptional system administration support to the organization's computer systems.

      Technologies Used

      • OS Platform: Ubuntu, CentOS
      • Languages/Frameworks: Java, JEE, Struts2, Hibernate, Python, Shell Scripting
      • Database: MySQL, BDB/MDB, ZSQL, Gadfly
      • UI Technologies: Ajax, JQuery and Bootstrap
      • Webservers: Tomcat, Glassfish, Nginix, Zope
      • Other Tools: Plone, OpenLDAP, Apache Lucene


      • Revamped and modernized the web application for e-Tenders and Online Application Management System at NCRA-TIFR, Pune using a reusable framework. These mission-critical forms, which are used to select candidates for various academic programs such as IUCAA-NCRA Admission Test (INAT), Visiting Students’ Research Programme (VSRP), Radio Astronomy Winter School (RAWS), and other academic conferences, have been extensively enhanced and modularized. The upgraded system enables seamless intake, shortlisting, and management of applications while deriving valuable analytics. e.g.,

      • Developed user interface using JSP and Struts Tags, simplifying application complexities. Configured Struts2 configuration and application context files based on Hibernate entries.
      • Successfully integrated Hibernate ORM with Struts2, to manage database persistence.
      • Contributed to the development, maintenance and enhancement of NCRA Proposal System and GMRT Online Archiving web application (e.g., with a focus on improving user experience and functionality.
      • Designed and built a new website for NCRA-TIFR using Plone 5/Zope and integrated it with external database and LDAP authentication to ensure seamless communication with thousands of students and researchers for various research programmes (e.g.,
      • Developed various web-based forms on the Python-based website for efficient management of website data and dynamic page generation for various announcements, science highlights and employee pages.
      • Created a pipeline for the automated generation of web-applications and their deployment, reducing manual efforts and increasing efficiency.
      • Automated web-application generation and deployment pipeline, showcasing expertise in system administration, Python, Shell Scripting, and backend process management for NCRA-TIFR’s projects.

    • image

      Development Engineer

      October 2012 - December 2015

      DNA Data Storage Pvt. Ltd. (storageDNA, Inc.)

      Contributed to the design, development, and enhancement of storageDNA's products, including the core functionality, user interface, and other key aspects, while also ensuring the continued maintenance and optimization of the products.

      During my tenure at StorageDNA, I have gained extensive experience working with a wide range of technologies including Java, JEE, Struts2, Hibernate, Lucene, Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, Pig, Hive, XML, MySQL, Python, Shell Scripting, JQuery, and Bootstrap.

      Technologies Used

      During my tenure at StorageDNA, I leveraged a range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional results. I utilised Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, XML, MySQL, Python, Shell Scripting, JQuery, Bootstrap, AI, ML, Image Processing, Pig, Hive, HTML5 video API, Flowplayer, vmtouch, udev, Apache Tika, unoconv, videodumper, ffmpeg, ffmbc, OpenCV, aubio, tessarect, ExifTool.


      • Utilized Lucene’s Taxonomy index facet search and the Hadoop ecosystem for media catalog metadata analytics. Constructed a taxonomy index for archives by iteratively analyzing XML generated during initial stages of data archiving on LTO tapes. Metadata is sent to HDFS cache for various data processing outcomes and utilized MapReduce, Pig, and Hive for data processing and analysis. Leveraged Lucene for indexing the results and effectively utilized XML categories and sub-categories to refine queries and achieve desired outcomes.
        With the help of analytics XMLs, it is possible to efficiently iterate through the entire catalog structure containing numerous archives and extract the required results. These XMLs are customized to parse the metadata of different archives based on the defined rules, and can be easily configured for processing by placing them in the designated watch folder specified in the configuration file.

      • Automated detection of overheated Train Accel Boxes - Had an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Indian Railways on a project aimed at reducing derailment caused by overheating of Accel boxes in passenger and freight trains. Utilized AI, ML, and Image Processing to detect and identify overheated boxes. Analyzed the data with Pig, Hive, and Lucene in the Hadoop ecosystem to derive valuable insights.
      • Successfully built and implemented a Hadoop Cluster to extract valuable insights from structured and unstructured archival data through expert use of Pig and Hive.
      • Contributed to implementing incremental Lucene indexing for new archival data, enabling efficient search and retrieval of relevant information.
      • Successfully developed and implemented a powerful Global Search feature for DNAEvolution product that utilizes advanced Lucene indexing techniques to efficiently search for keywords and logical sentences across vast archives.
      • Integrated Flowplayer with HTML5 video API calls, enabling features such as seeking, frame-based manipulation, and rendering, even on low-end devices.
      • I possess extensive experience in working with open-source libraries like vmtouch, udev, apache tika, unoconv, mxflib, videodumper, ffmpeg, ffmbc, OpenCV, aubio, tessarect, ExifTool, and others while working with StorageDNA. Utilized these libraries in conjunction with Python and Shell Scripting to automate various backend processes.

    • image

      Software Consultant

      August 2012 - September 2012

      Installed and configured RHEL/CentOS on blade servers, deployed web applications on Apache Tomcat and created their multiple instances for optimal performance. Installed and configured Redmine, and developed backup recovery scripts for MySQL database for Science and Technology Park (STPI), Pune.

      Built the content management system for the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, utilizing Plone on Red Hat-based servers.

      Technologies Used

      Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Shell Scripting, Python, Linux (RHEL, CentOS), Plone, Zope, Redmine.

    • image

      Visiting Engineer

      August 2010 - August 2012

      National Centre for Radio Astrophysics – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

      I utilized the power of FOSS to develop innovative software and web applications to support the GMRT (Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope) observations and analysis. In addition, I provided system administration to ensure the smooth operation of these tools and systems.

      I designed and developed software systems for the NCRA's new website, online application form, and management system. The systems were built on a reusable framework to support GMRT observations and analysis, using a variety of programming languages, including Java, JSP, Struts2, Hibernate, and Python, along with open-source tools like Plone, Zope, LDAP, and Subversion. In addition, I provided system configuration, administration, and maintenance for various Linux tools supporting all NCRA academic and scientific programs on Linux servers.

      Technologies Used

      Java, JEE, JSP, JDBC, Struts2, MySQL, Shell Scripting, Python, Scheme, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), Plone, Zope, LDAP, Subversion, Trac, Mailman.


      • I designed and developed a user-friendly Online Application Management System for NCRA-TIFR, Pune, to streamline the intake and shortlisting process for various academic programmes. The system was built on a reusable framework, ensuring scalability and easy maintenance.
      • I had the opportunity to build NCRA-TIFR's new website using Plone, a versatile and user-friendly content management system. The website was customized to suit the specific needs of NCRA-TIFR, with necessary add-on packages and an external database like MySQL. In addition, I integrated it with an LDAP authentication server, allowing users to have a seamless Single Sign On experience across all applications.
      • I gained extensive experience in system configuration, administration, and maintenance of Linux tools and libraries for NCRA's diverse academic and scientific programs hosted on Linux servers.
      • Ensured smooth functioning and maintenance of NCRA's Proposal System and GMRT Online Archiving Web Application, enabling researchers to easily access and store valuable data.
      • Some links:

    • image

      Quality Engineer

      June 2007 to June 2008

      E-Durables (LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. OEM)

      Job Profile:
      I provided quality training to our team and established a robust quality infrastructure. I was responsible for overseeing the various activities related to incoming and outgoing sample inspection in accordance with Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standards based on the lot size. Additionally, I ensured that the product reliability was maintained through extensive OQC and ELT testing.

      Contributed to improving production quality by analyzing and identifying causes of line rejection using tools such as RPS, FRP, and 6Tool, and devising innovative solutions. Registered for Six Sigma training to further enhance problem-solving skills and minimize defects. Collaborated closely with the production department, attending daily meetings to discuss and resolve issues. Also, involved in vendor development activities to ensure high-quality supplies.

      Improved the rejection trends of SCR and FQR by implementing effective countermeasures through 6Tool audit, Line Process Audit, ESD audit, 3F audit, 360° audit, Q System Audit and Documentation audit. Managed the ECN, WI, QC Flow chart and Circuit diagram to ensure smooth functioning. Presented daily, weekly, and monthly reports analyzing the SCR (Service Complain Report) and maintained the CSS Room to ensure a seamless workflow. Participated in meetings with production departments to discuss and address issues on a regular basis.


      • As a Quality Engineer, contributed to the success of the Colour TV line by ensuring that the products met the highest standards of quality, specifically in the Incoming Quality Control (IQC) department.
      • Implemented Six Sigma methodologies to tackle major issues and drive continuous improvement.
      • Prepared and presented comprehensive analysis reports, including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Service Complain Reports (SCRs), to track and improve product quality.

    • Academic Projects

    • image

      Master's Internship

      Next Generation GMRT Support Services

      December 2009 to July 2010

      National Centre for Radio Astrophysics – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune

      The Next Generation GMRT Support Services project aimed to enhance the performance and utilization of the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope by implementing user-friendly technologies accessible to all staff members, engineers, and scientists at NCRA and GMRT. Open source software tools and the latest technologies were utilized in a Linux environment to minimize data sharing complexity, monitor projects, and organize web contents. The project was divided into five modules, including building a user-friendly interface for NCRA's new website, developing an Online Application Management Tool for academic programs, implementing an Issue Tracking System and version control system for efficient project management, and providing Single Sign On facility using LDAP Server for all NCRA applications.

    • image

      Master's Academic Project

      Library Management System

      Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

      I was a vital member of a team that developed an efficient Online Library Management System for IIITM-Kerala, from September 2009 to November 2009. My responsibilities included requirement gathering and analysis, database design, and screen designing for various user and admin modules such as login, registration, password changing and retrieval mechanism, and resource search.

      The objective of this project was to provide users with a user-friendly platform that stores and provides access to all library resources such as books, e-books, and CD/DVDs, including their status of availability (issued/free). Users have their own unique id and password, which allows them to reserve and place issue requests for resources, as well as purchase requests for books that are not available in the library. The system ensures that any issued resources are returned on time, and reminders are sent to students who fail to do so.

      I was involved in developing the SRS, use-cases, class diagrams, and database design by collecting information from the existing library system. The product was developed using JSP and MySQL server was used to store data. Apache Tomcat was used as a web server, and I was responsible for designing various parts of the user and admin module, including login, registration, password changing and retrieval mechanism, and resource search.

    • image

      B.Tech Academic Projects

      Academic Trainings and Final Year Project

      Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jhansi

      Final Year Project: Developed a PC-Based Oscilloscope as part of the final year project during my B.Tech program at Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology Jhansi from August 2005 to May 2006. The project involved creating a hardware interface to condition input waveforms and convert them into digital format for easy interfacing with the PC. To display the waveforms in a user-friendly manner, I utilized my skills in C programming and graphics to design a visually appealing user interface. The successful completion of this project demonstrates my ability to integrate hardware and software components to develop innovative solutions.

      Academic Training: During my summer training in June and July 2004, I had the opportunity to work with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited's Accessories Division in Lucknow. The six weeks of training allowed me to gain valuable experience in the assembly and testing shop, where I familiarized myself with aircraft accessories assembly.

      Academic Training: I gained valuable experience during my 6-week summer training in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Accessories Division - Lucknow. I had the opportunity to learn about aircraft accessories manufacturing in the Instrumentation Factory Clean Rooms. The training, which took place in June and July of 2005, was a great opportunity for me to acquire new skills and knowledge in this field.

    Other Contributions and Interests

    • Created a comprehensive documentation of my experience and expertise by detailing system configurations and technologies that I've worked on. The documentation is available on the Trac Wiki, hosted on OpenShift4, for easy access and sharing.
      Click here to explore.
    • ​Created and contributed to the OpenSource community by sharing valuable scripts that help with the automation of day-to-day tasks. Continuously maintaining and improving these scripts in the UsefulScripts repository on GitHub.
      Click here to explore.
    • Accomplished the closure of a Six Sigma Project on a few major issues during my tenure at E-Durables (LGEIL OEM).
    • Pioneered the organization of an Identification Quiz as part of Sandhaan-2006, a prestigious national-level technical event held at BIET Jhansi.
    • While pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Science from the University of Lucknow, I had the opportunity to study Astronomy as one of my subjects. Although I had to discontinue my studies after the second year and enrolled in Engineering, the knowledge and experience I gained from studying Astronomy has continued to inspire me in my career.
    • Contributed as a volunteer at Indian Science Congress-2002.
    • Coordinated and presented an engaging Astronomy Exhibition on COSMOS and Solar System at the University of Lucknow during Indian Science Congress 2002.

    Talks Delivered

    • Delivered a talk on My expedition of Podman with Debian at DebConf'22 in Prizren, Kosovo. The presentation was well-received and attendees found it informative. Click here to view the talk and learn more about my experience.

      Delivering talk during DebConf'22 at Prizren, Kosovo

    • Successfully conducted a workshop on Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop for Zimbra, Pune in December 2018.
    • image
      Delivering talk while conducting workshop at Zimbra, Pune

    • Organised and delivered talk at Mini DebConf at College of Engineering, Pune in July 2016.
    • Delivered talk on Introduction to Debian in Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram in February 2013.
    • Delivered talk on Introduction to Raspberry Pi in National Institute of Technology, Calicut at Mini Deb conf in February 2013.
    • Presented Term paper on WebServices and SOAP in Web Technology at IIITMK, November.'09
    • Presentation given on Cloud Computing at IIITMK, November.'09
    • Presented Term paper on Software Failure and Risk Management in Software Engineering at IIITMK, October.'09
    • Presented Term paper on Satellite Imaging in Intelligent Transport System Intelligent Transport System at IIITMK, October.'09
    • Presented Term paper on Apache Tomcat and SDK in Web Technology at IIITMK, August.'09
    • Presented Term paper on Information System in Principles of Management at IIITMK, June.'09
    • Presented Term paper on Multimedia Using Applets in OOPS at IIITMK, April.'09
    • Presented Term paper on RAM Organization in Computer Architecture at IIITMK, Nov.'08
    • Presented Seminar on Putting Service Profit Chain to Work at IIITMK, Oct.'08
    • Presented Seminar on Columbia Supercomputer at IIITMK, Nov.'08
    • Presented Seminar on Hubble Space Telescope at IIITMK, Sep.'08

    Conferences and Workshops

    • Participated in DebCamp and attended DebConf’22, an International Debian Conference held in Prizren, Kosovo in July 2022.

    • image
      DebConf'22 at Prizren, Kosovo

    • Attended webinar on Getting started with Amazon MemoryDB for Redis hosted by EFY Group in May 2022.
    • Attended RedHat workshop on Hands-on with OpenShift in April 2022.
    • Taken RedHat DO080 course on Containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift Technical Overview in April 2022.
    • Attended PyData Conference at New Delhi in August 2019.
    • Participated in DebConf'18 Debian Conference at Hsinchu, Taiwan in July-August 2018.

    • image
      DebConf'18 at Hsinchu, Taiwan

    • Attended Big Data’s Pune Data Conference in April 2017, 2018.
    • Attended AWS Amazon Web Services conference at Mumbai in May 2017.
    • Attended PyCon 2017 at Pune in February 2017.
    • Organised and delivered talk at Mini Deb Conf at College of Engineering, Pune in July 2016.

    • image
      Participation in Conferences

    • Attended GNUnify workshop at SISCR, Pune in February 2014, 2015 and 2016.
    • Attended Arduino workshop organised by Do It Yourself Labs at Thoughtworks, Pune in May 2014.
    • Organised and delivered talk at FOSS Meet at NIT-Calicut in February 2013.
    • Attended CDAC's Garuda Grid Computing workshop in August 2012.
    • Attended Radio Astronomy Winter School at NCRA-TIFR, Pune in December 2009.
    • Attended International workshop on Machine Learning Methods in Astronomy organized by IUCAA at MACFAST College Thiruvalla (Kerala) in Jan.'09.
    • Attended National Conference on Computational Science and Engineering – 2009 organized by Rajagiri School of Computer Science, Cochin (Kerala) in Feb.'09
    • Selection in Telescope making workshop at IUCAA-Pune in 2003.

    Link to access

    Link to accesss my Trac Wiki deployed on OpenShift 4

    To ensure accessibility and ease of use, I have deployed this documentation on OpenShift4. The deployment consists of two services, one for the Trac environment and the other running MariaDB to hold the Trac database. Both services are utilizing images stored in the registry, and each service is running on a pod with a single replica. As part of my continuous learning, I have also completed the OpenShift course DO080 offered by RedHat, as well as gained experience with other container technologies such as Podman, Docker, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform.

    Useful Scripts

    ​I have authored and made valuable scripts available as Open Source, which can be utilized to simplify and automate day-to-day tasks. These scripts can be accessed at the UsefulScripts repository on GitHub, and I am consistently maintaining and updating them.

    Link: Click here to access the GitHub repo.

    Useful Programs

    ​I have authored and made valuable programs in Java and Python available as Open Source, which can be utilized to learn new concepts. These programs can be accessed at the UsefulPrograms repository on GitHub, and I am consistently maintaining and updating them.

    Link: Click here to access the GitHub repo.

    My GPG Key

    86DB D916 436A 490A 788F 46F1 EE1F 1F4D E677 4AF6